Build your life



UNIQ is a boutique property developer with extensive expertise focusing on high-quality urban living solutions.

Since 2014, we have maintained a solid and uninterrupted track record in the design, development, and commercialization of residential units in Spain's major cities, as well as in hospitality and senior living assets.

We have a team of experts covering the entire real estate cycle, from land acquisition to design, development, and asset management, ensuring the viability of the project from start to finish.

We are specialized on creating unique living solutions in priviledge locations, focusing on sustainability, design and functionality. Since inception, we have acquired an environmental commitment to achieve the highest sustainability standards in all our projects, what we consider our legacy.

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We understand architecture as the best possible utilization of natural light, the creation and use of open spaces and all the details that contribute to our wellbeing. We are committed to a timeless design and sustainable materials.

We are committed to the creation of unique apartments and buildings in urban environments that solve the necessities of the modern city dweller.

Our projects combine respect for architecture, design, light, space and sustainability.

“We all have a place where we would like to live and an apartment ideal for our needs. But only when we decide to make it real we start to build our own lives”.